3 Coffee Trends in 2022

Trends in our daily lifestyles play dual roles in the products we buy and consume, and coffee is no different. On the one hand, the interests and concerns of the general public often find their way into products like coffee.

Some trends are superficial and don’t have much staying power, like miniaturizing everything or tie-dye. Other trends, the ones with more staying power, are those motivated by cultural, environmental, and community-based issues like sustainability and health.

  1. Infused Coffee
    1. Providing a solution that allows a consumer to drop the spoon and forget about the automatic coffee brewer that requires a filter, creamer, etc., are days of the past. Finding a solution that is readily available and pre-mixed to perfection is what the current coffee culture is looking for.
  2. Health Conscious Coffee
    1. The market for health-conscious food and beverage products continues to rise. Coffee is not immune to this popular trend. Brands such as Black Mule are going a step further by adding superior ingredients to support health benefits such as weight management and improved focus.
  3. Coffee Subscriptions
    1. The popularity of coffee subscriptions has been a direct result of the pandemic, where people could not get out to their favorite cafes. People still consume coffee at home, and subscriptions provide a hassle-free approach to obtaining quality coffee.

Final Thoughts / Summary for Top 3 Coffee Trends in 2022

Many of the current industry trends for 2022 can be due to convenience factors. While some are attributed to the pandemic, new consumers are seeking delicious tasting quality that supports their fast pace lifestyle. While there is no definitive method to know what tomorrow or the future holds, these trends are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. 

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