With the use of nanotechnology, all Black Mule coffee is uniquely formulated to dissolve seamlessly in water instantly. All Black Mule coffee is already pre mixed with sugar and non dairy creamer to emphasize the flavor of the beans and provide ease of use.

  • Each serving comes in discreet individual packaging that can easily be used on the go.
  • The initial launch of Black Mule instant coffee will include four formulations:
    • Hot Coffee: dissolve in 8 oz of hot water
    • Iced Coffee: dissolve in 8 oz of cold water, add ice
    • Expresso: dissolve in 4 oz of hot water
    • Cafe Latte: dissolve in 8 oz of either hot or cold milk
  • We created the instant coffee to be infused with FDA approved ingredients that helps with weight management, cognitive enhancer, brain protector, alleviate mental fatigue and memory loss.
  • With unique access to the best specialty coffee beans in the world, Black Mule will work directly with farmers to enhance their margins and quality of life while ensuring the beans are sustainably grown and to produce flavor-enriched instant coffee.